Our Ingredients

Here is a list of ingredients we use in our products so you can see the benefits these have to your skin.  All ingredients we use are vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Oils and Butters

Apricot Kernal Oil  is a very conditioning and moisturising oil, it is high in Vitamin A and other minerals.  Apricot Kernal Oil is known for it’s ability to penetrate the skin without leaving an ‘oily feel’, this oil is great for all types of skin.  It is also said to help sooth inflammation, so is particularly useful for dehydrated, sensitive & delicate skin!  We use this in our soaps.

Coconut Oil is light, non-greasy, it has great moisturising & conditioning properties & is good for protecting the skin.  It absorbs easily into your skin without clogging pores & leaves it feeling soft & smooth.  It is coconut oil that gives your bars of soap that gorgeous creamy lather!  As well as our soaps we also use this in our body scrubs.

Cocoa Butter is a natural antioxidant that clears and smooths the skin & is packed with Vitamin E!  This butter is again very moisturising and conditioning to your skin.  This melts at body temperature, which will leave your skin feeling soft, silky & smooth.  This is used in our soaps, bath bombs & lip balms.

Mango Butter is a great moisturiser that will keep your skin hydrated.  It also has plenty of healing and regenerative properties.   Mango butter is said to prevent drying of skin & restore elasticity.  We use Mango butter in our soaps and body scrubs.

Shea Butter is highly moisturising.  It is said to be beneficial for treating dry skin, blemishes, scars and wrinkles &  irritated skin.  It is packed with Vitamin A & E.  This butter will leave your skin feeling smooth, supple & soft!  Shea butter is used in our soaps.

Sweet Almond Oil is easily absorbed into the skin and also helps to restore moisture.  It is also one of the less greasy oils.  This is used in our bath bombs.

Peach Kernal Oil is light, non-greasy and nourishing to dry skin and good for mature, dehydrated and delicate skin. Moisture rich, light-weight and non-greasy the oil absorbs readily into the skin making it suitable for all skin types.  We use this is our lip balms.

Avacado Oil is a bit heavy and lends a waxy fatty feel to the skin. It penetrates deeply into the skin. It is a rich source of vitamin A and D, we use this in our lip balms.

Rice Bran Oil has excellent softening and nourishing properties.  It is good for dry, sensitive and newly formed skin, we use this in all of our mens soaps and a couple of other soaps in our main collection.

Jojoba Wax helps promote healing of the skin in many ways.  The composition of jojoba closely resembles that of the skin’s natural sebum, so it is easily absorbed & good for sensitive skin.  This is used in our lip balms.


Fruit Powders and Clays

Pineapple Fruit Powder acts as a mild exfoliant helping to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin.   We use this in some of our body scrubs as not only does it exfoliate it also refreshes skin.

Dead Sea Mud is used in our ‘Detox’ body scrub; it helps to nourish, tone & soften the skin & is packed with minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and iron.

Green Clay draws out impurities from the skin, while it is useful for oily and acne prone skin, it is suitable for all skin types.  We use this in our facial soap bars.

Red Clay is mildly absorbent and works to improve the skins radiance, it is perfect for sensitive skin.  We use this is our fragrance free bar in the mens collection.

Updated July 2016.