Oatmeal and Calendula – A perfect combination

Since the launch of our new soap ‘The Oatmeal and Calendula Bar‘ it is proving to be one of our best sellers!

Oats and Calendula Oil are a fab combination for sensitive skin and people skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, for this reason we have kept our bar fragrance free.

Both oats and calendula oil are said to have many benefits for the skin.  Oats can restore the skins natural barrier, reduce itching and inflammation while soothing.  They are also a good scrub for sensitive skins that cannot tolerate usual exfoliators.

Calendula oil is an excellent moisturisor for dry, chapped and split skin and with soothing properties.

We have had permission a customer of ours to use this photo. She left alovely review of how our soap improved her daughter’s skin after just 3 days of use. Click on the image to open a new window to see her full post.

Due to the popularity of this new soap we decided to fun a flash give away over on Facebook – this received a phenominal response with over 100 entries!  You can see the give away post here.  As we had such a good response to this flash give away and it has highlighted just how many people have sensitive skin and other skin conditions we have decided to run a special offer on our Calendula and Oats bar so people can try it for themselves!

The RRP of this soap bar is £3.95 – until 23:59pm 29th September 2016 you can use code ‘OATS‘ at checkout and save 95p, so it will cost just £3!  Postage is £1.95 for one bar (large letter) and moves upto £2.95 (small parcel) for more items added.

If any of you try it, we would love to hear about if and how this soap has worked for you.  You can leave a review on Facebook or if you open an account on our website a review request will be sent for you to leave one there.

Visit the page here to read more about our Calendula and Oats Bar

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