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Oatmeal and Calendula – A perfect combination

Since the launch of our new soap ‘The Oatmeal and Calendula Bar‘ it is proving to be one of our best sellers!

Oats and Calendula Oil are a fab combination for sensitive skin and people skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis, for this reason we have kept our bar fragrance free.

Both oats and calendula oil are said to have many benefits for the skin.  Oats can restore the skins natural barrier, reduce itching and inflammation while soothing.  They are also a good scrub for sensitive skins that cannot tolerate usual exfoliators.

Calendula oil is an excellent moisturisor for dry, chapped and split skin and with soothing properties.

We have had permission a customer of ours to use this photo. She left alovely review of how our soap improved her daughter’s skin after just 3 days of use. Click on the image to open a new window to see her full post.

Due to the popularity of this new soap we decided to fun a flash give away over on Facebook – this received a phenominal response with over 100 entries!  You can see the give away post here.  As we had such a good response to this flash give away and it has highlighted just how many people have sensitive skin and other skin conditions we have decided to run a special offer on our Calendula and Oats bar so people can try it for themselves!

The RRP of this soap bar is £3.95 – until 23:59pm 29th September 2016 you can use code ‘OATS‘ at checkout and save 95p, so it will cost just £3!  Postage is £1.95 for one bar (large letter) and moves upto £2.95 (small parcel) for more items added.

If any of you try it, we would love to hear about if and how this soap has worked for you.  You can leave a review on Facebook or if you open an account on our website a review request will be sent for you to leave one there.

Visit the page here to read more about our Calendula and Oats Bar

It’s our 2nd Birthday!

Monday 4th July 2016 – Okie Soapy’s 2nd Birthday!

birthday cover

We really can’t believe it is our 2nd Birthday – it has gone so quick!  Over the past two years we have gone from strength to strength, we wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of our customers, so thank you!

To celebrate our birthday, we are holding special offers and have lots of freebies between Monday 4th – Friday 8th June!

Birthday new scrub price
We have reduced our fab body scrubs from £12 to £10 – permanently! These go a long way, so are now even better value for money.
Get 3 soaps for £10 over on Etsy until 23:59pm 8th July 2016. Choose two fragrances and get 1 mystery soap.
Get 3 soaps for £10 over on Etsy until 23:59pm 8th July 2016. Choose two fragrances and get 1 mystery soap. Click on the image to go to the offer.
Over on Etsy yoi can grab 3 of our extremly popular Snowflakes soaps for £10! Offer ends this Friday.
Over on Etsy yoi can grab 3 of our extremly popular Snowflakes soaps for £10! Offer ends this Friday. Click on the image to go there.

In addition to the offers set our below we are giving everyone who places an order via this website or Etsy a FREE MINI Travel Bar of Soap!

Win a box of Okie Soapy goodies!

We are a little late in running our competition, but as the saying goes, better late than never!  To celebrate reaching 7,000 likes on Facebook we are giving you the chance to win a large goodie box of Okie Soapy products!

You have until 23:59pm on Sunday 8th May 2016 to get your entries in.

See the details below, do the first two steps and unlock more entries!  Terms and conditions are posted below, by entering our competition you are agreeing to these terms.

The lucky winner will be contacted by the email provided, announced here on our blog and posted on Facebook. The winner will have 48 hours to contact us or the competition will be re-drawn.

Okie Soapy 7,000 Facebook Milestone Giveaway


Natural Soap Colourant – Carrot Juice

Last week I posted about using Carrot Juice as a natural soap colourant, I must say it has come out just brilliantly!  Now the soap has been cut it has a lovely, soft orange hue to it, that will probably fade just a little as it cures.  To show you what goes into making a batch of cold process soap and to see the process, here is a brief outline.

collage 1

To start in the top right corner, the oils, butters and other ingredients are weighed.  The Carrot Juice is measured to mix with the sodium hydroxide; this then forms the lye that later on will turn the whole mixture into soap.  This is the part I was worried about, after reading different forums on the internet I was sure this was going to go wrong and turn into a volcano, however it wasn’t at all as scary as I thought it would be!

In the bottom right picture after the oils, butters and lye solution have cooled to the same temperature they are then mixed together and this is the very start of the mixture turning into soap.  You can then see the soap being poured into the mould and my little experiment of making a textured top on the soap.  This then sets up, and is wrapped in blankets and towels for 24-48 hours at which point it gets incredibly HOT!

After un moulding the soap you can see, as I mentioned, it has a gorgeous orange hue left from using the Carrot Juice and Carrot Tissue Oil.

cut soap
Some more of the cut soap.
cut soap 1
More cut soap.


The images here do not show the true colour of the soap as it is as these were only taken on my phone, the colour is a little brighter than is shown here.

This partciular soap is scented with Orange and Clove Essential oils, at the moment I am not sure on the scent and may need to mix it up a little!  However, I never really like a scent when I try a new soap, especially when it comes to blends.  My other half loves it, he says it reminds him of Carrot Cake!

I do think I will stick with this one and it will be added to the Okie Soapy soap collection, I may just change the scent slightly.




Well I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight and will like the result.


Carrot Juice – who’d have thought?!

carrot juice

Carrot Juice has a lovely natural colour in addition to containing properties beneficial to the skin.

I have been investigating new ingredients I can use, that are not only kind and gentle to your skin but that also act as  a natural soap colourant too.   For the next soap I am planning I have found just that.

There is one soap I have my formulation ready for, and this includes using carrot juice – who’d have thought it?!  It is packed full of Beta-carotene which is what gives carrots their orange pigment.  When used on the skin, this will be converted by your body into Vitamin A which helps repair and sooth broken skin.

In this particular bar there will also be lots of other carrot goodness, but I won’t reveal all just yet!  I am planning on my first batch of soap for this very soon, so keep your eyes peeled for any sneak peaks and updates.

Wish me luck!


Okie Blokie is here!

Following on from our successful Crowdfunder campaign early last year, our brand new male grooming collection ‘ Okie Blokie’ is finally here!  See what we did there?

okie soapy-3171

To kick off the launch of our male grooming collection we have three traditonal handmade soaps formulated specifically for men.  We have the Shavin’ Bar, Hand Scrub Bar and a general all over body bar.  The contain carefully selected oils, butters and other ingredients dependant upon their use, we have also blended essential oils so they smell rather ‘manly’ too!

As you can see the soaps are hand stamped with our Okie Blokie branding to make them stand out from our standard soap bars and so they are more appealing to men!

In our collection we also have a Lip Balm for men that is naturally scented with Coffee Bean butter.  After making this we soon realised the ladies would love this scent too so we now have this product in standard Okie Soapy packaging as well as Okie Blokie.

okie soapy-3095  okie soapy-3101

Over the coming months we’ll be adding more products & gift sets to our Okie Blokie collection making shopping for men much easier!

Gemma x

My next goal…

As you may have spotted or read on Facebook, I have recently hired a local professional photographer to do a product shoot on my products.  All of my website, Etsy & Social media sites have been updated with these, to say I am extremely thrilled with the outcome is an understatement!

I did think about removing all of my older images from Facebook, however I decided to keep them as I thought it may be nice for any new visitors to my page to see part of the journey I have been on & how Okie Soapy has progressed.

The main reason behind doing this is to help me achieve my next goal; become a seller with Not on the Highstreet.  They have rejected me twice due to my photography, but last time they took the time to explain how they like products photographed & gave me some hints & tips.  I have now been back in touch with them & keeping all my fingers crossed!

Here are some more of my product photos for you to browse at your leisure 🙂

Lemon & Lime Soap
Lemon & Lime Soap
Pink Mint Sugar Scrub
Pink Mint Sugar Scrub
Strawberry Lip Balm
Strawberry Lip Balm

Until next time (keep those fingers crossed for me!)

Gemma x

New Postage Services & Rates

We have changed the services we use to get your orders out to you … this now means we’ll be using more efficient & convenient services for our customers!  The best part is, prices have only increased by 10p or 45p  depending on the service, for what you are getting this is a bargain!  Lets explain …

We recently introduced a new postage rate of £1.95 – this is great for anyone who wishes to try our new Lip Balms … upto 4 can be posted for this rate.

Next we have our new rate of £3.95 (formerly £3.45) … all orders that weigh upto 1kg can be posted on this rate… a signature is required and a tracking code can be given.

Now, our brand spanking new delivery service, any order over 1kg in weight is  now £5.95 (formerly £5.85).  This is named as our Next Day* delivery service – next day is from the day your parcel is collected.  On this service you’ll receive an email stating the day your parcel will delivered, you’ll then receive a second email stating a 1 hour delivery window that your order will be delivered in!  Yipeee for not having to wait in all day!

What is better, if the  hour is not convenient for you, you can easily re-arrange the delivery.

Any orders can be upgraded to the Courier service, you can do this just before checkout.  Orders that weigh more than 1kg will automatically be given this option.

Here is to receiving those Okie Soapy parcels much more quickly!

Gemma x

ps – we’ve just updated the website with LOTS of new stock!


New Product Launch: Whipped Sugar Body Scrubs

For months I’ve been working on a new product; Whipped Sugar Body Scrubs!  I’ve had a few teething problems with the labelling but I am now extremely pleased with the end product!

As pictured my sugar scrubs come in 5 varieties

  • Petal Perfection – a lovely floral scent with added botanicals that include premium rose & calendula petals, heather flowers & poppy seeds
  • Detox – coloured naturally with Dead Sea Mud & scented with Lavender & Patchouli essential oils
  • Pink Mint – coloured with pink French clay ( which makes the scrub a salmon pink colour) & scented with peppermint essential oil
  • Vanilla-Coconut – coloured with Vanilla pod powder with a gorgeous creamy coconut scent
  • Chocolate Orange – coloured and scented with cocoa powder and mandarin essential oil

All of these scrubs are fine to use all over the body but care should be taken on the face and around the eyes due to the essential oils.  The base of each scrub is a Sugar, Coconut Oil and Mango butter, all of which will leave you with gorgeously soft skin.  I decided to use sugar in my scrubs instead of salt as it isn’t as harsh on the skin but still does the job perfectly!

Each scrub has additional differing ingredients;

  • Pineapple Fruit Powder – a rich source of Vitamin A & C with high levels of potassium, calcium and iron.  This powder is also rich in enzymes that remove dead skin cells & refresh the skin.
  • Dead Sea Mud – while the name may be off putting this is rich in minerals that not only helps nourish your skin, but also helps to tone & soften.  It is also said to relieve muscle pain and increase circulation which is why I chose to team this with Lavender & Patchouli Essential oils.
Detox Scrub with Dead Sea Mud and Lavender & Patchouli essential oils
Detox Scrub with Dead Sea Mud and Lavender & Patchouli essential oils

There are a few more ingredients but I’ll leave those for another day.

These products will go on sale in a few weeks time, for now I will be using them ( as promised ) exclusively to make up certain goodie boxes for my Crowdfunder pledge rewards.

These scrubs really have been a labour of life from start to finish  (especially towards the end with packaging nightmares!) so I do hope you like them as much as I do 🙂

Gemma x